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HOWE is all about originals. Our products are all the result of fresh thinking from one-of-a-kind designers. That’s why we hold the originals of modernist design – geniuses like Arne Jacobsen – in such high regard. Their work revolutionised our spaces; redefining what’s possible. So the chance to restore the Tongue was a dream opportunity. It’s a very original design from a very original designer.


Tongue chairs by HOWE
HOWE and Arne Jacobsen
HOWE relaunched the Tongue chair
HOWE and the Tongue chair
HOWE has relaunched the Tongue chair

Arne Jacobsen & HOWE

Inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s own desire for perfection, we tested every single component. We compared many different types of materials. We rethought and reconsidered each time asking: “What exactly does the Tongue need?” 

The design obviously wouldn’t be changed. The chair’s aesthetics are exactly as Jacobsen specified. 

Yet there was an opportunity to apply HOWE engineering expertise and modern construction techniques for additional strength; keeping that lovely curved, sculptural form perfectly in place. 

The Tongue chair captured our hearts. We hope that our efforts help you fall for its charms too.

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