A visionary designer

An extraordinary man of immense vision, Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) occupies the pinnacle of modern Danish design. As an architect and designer of rare talent, he was famous for an ability to work at many different scales at the same time.

You can see this in one of his greatest achievements: the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (1960). Here, he was not only the architect of the building but designed everything from the furniture, right down to the cutlery in the restaurant.


Arne Jacobsen has designed the Tongue chair


With a keen sense of proportion, passion for detail and the masterful use of organic lines and sculptural elements, Arne Jacobsen’s chairs have achieved iconic status. They are permanently held by museums, prized by collectors, and loved by people through the generations.

The Tongue chair is classic Arne Jacobsen. It has the immediately recognisable characteristics of the organic wave form in the seat; complemented with highly sculptural, splayed legs.


The Tongue chair by Arne Jacobsen

A lost classic returns

We think that the Tongue is a miniature work of art. It was always one of Arne Jacobsen’s favourite chair designs too. Yet for much of its life it has been missing from a wider appreciation of his legacy.

Designed in 1955 for Munkegård School in Denmark, the Tongue is Arne Jacobsen’s second completed chair design – coming right after the Ant chair.

It was later placed in the rooms at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, where it was also modified for use as a bar stool. Yet it wasn’t available internationally until the 1980s and even then only for a short while.

Now the Tongue is back and, restored by HOWE, it’s looking better than ever.